French Quarter Gas Lanterns

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Published: 06th June 2009
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Gas lanterns, like those found on many streets throughout New Orleans and the French Quarter, were among the most common forms of lighting before the advent of electricity. Their graceful and unique designs provided lighting both indoors and outdoors.

Today gas French Quarter style gas lanterns are still a popular choice today for both their functional and decorative qualities. Handcrafted gas lanterns are often chosen for the warmth of the light they produce and their artistic construction. With their historic influence and aged appearance, gas lanterns can serve as the perfect complement to homes seeking to re-create a little hint of New Orleans.

Styles of New Orleans Gas Lanterns
Believe it or not there are many different styles of gas lanterns. Depending on where you look they may be called different things but this guide should help:

French Quarter design. The French Quarter design is considered the "original" French Quarter style gas lantern. Their graceful, 4 sided designs hold a classic look yet puts out brilliant light.

The Six Sided Lantern is another version of this popular design but adds an additional 2 panes of glass so the lantern has, literally, six sides. As you will see throughout New Orleans - these styles of French Quarter lantern designs can be mounted on a post, hung from a ceiling, or mounted on a wall yoke. Or for an additional look of class consider adding a "ladder rack" to this design.

Hanging Lantern - This style of lantern hangs from a ceiling or porch usually on a "yoke" bracket which looks like a circle with a stem on top. A popular accent to the hanging yoke are ladder racks which extend out from the side. These ladder racks can have fun shapes such as a fleur de lis for a more decorative touch.

Post Mount - these gas lanterns will be mounted directly to a post or column. The post mount will typically keep the lantern stable on the column but offers a bit of decoration with iron arms that extend out to the ends of the lantern. A more formal look would be a spider mount lantern which is an extended version of the standard post mount.

Bracket Mount - This type of lantern is mounted directly to a vertical wall with a bracket. The standard bracket is square in the back and holds the gas lantern a few inches from the wall. Other options however include a more formal gooseneck bracket which features an elegant swooping design and brings the lantern much farther from the wall.

Decisions When Choosing a Gas Lantern
With the variety in gas lantern designs available, customers face a number of choices. One of the decisions they will need to make is how to display their gas lanterns. If they are being used outside, customers may want to mount them on exterior walls. Wall-mounted lanterns are typically smaller and can be fueled by gas or propane or connected to electricity for convenient lighting.

For lanterns that will be placed in entryways, whether indoors or outdoors, buyers may consider the large selection of hanging French Quarter gas lanterns such as the French Quarter Hanging Yoke. These are available in a number of sizes, so that buyers can create anything from a dimly lit romantic nook to a welcoming foyer awash in glowing light. As with gas lanterns that are mounted on walls or hung on posts, hanging styles can also be powered by gas, liquid propane or electricity.

Great Choices in Power - Gas or Electric
Another benefit of French Quarter gas lanterns is your choice of power. While many of our clients opt for the traditional natural gas fueled lanterns, all of our designs can be fitted for use with electricity and a light bulb or even propane. Choosing electricity allows you to safely mount these lanterns anywhere inside your home thus giving you many more decorating choices for styles of New Orleans gas lanterns.

Andre' Savoie writes for Flambeaux Lighting. At Flambeaux Lighting, we make each of our French Quarter gas lanterns by hand. These antique style gas lanterns make an excellent addition to any home and offer you the chance to enjoy a piece of New Orleans that you can enjoy every day. Gas lanterns make excellent choices for indoor lighting with electric power or for outdoor wall lighting with gas power. To find out more call us at 866-799-8443.

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